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Università di Bologna

Academic Requirements at the University of Bologna

- for Full Doctorate: Master Degree or minimum 5-years Bachelor Degree (Licenciadura) in a study field similar to the one you're applying for is required by the time of the application.

It is not necessary to obtain a support letter from the PhD programme in order to apply. There exist some exceptions so please read carefully the information reported in the specific Academic Offer.

Full PhD programmes have a duration of 3 academic years: 36 months plus 3 to 6 months before the final defence. They might start in January/February/March or in September/October every year.

ECTS system has not been fully implemented at PhD level. PhD programmes generally consist in seminars and lectures to be attended plus research activities on the specific topic assigned to the scholar that must write a final dissertation and pass a final defence.

PhD scholars are evaluated on an yearly basis and might be expelled from the programme at any time in the case they do not positively pass the evaluation or do not comply with academic and administrative requirements.

A mobility period abroad from 3 to 6 months might be scheduled.

- for Sandwich Doctorate: the candidate must be registered in a PhD programme in Argentina by the time of the application. Even though these candidates are not required to upload any support letter, they are strongly advised to get in contact with the PhD programme coordinators before applying in order to find out if their research interests match with the research lines carried out at the PhD programme they are interested in. It is not necessary to obtain a support letter from the PhD programme in order to apply. There exist some exceptions so please read carefully the information reported in the specific Academic Offer.

A research work plan proposal is ALWAYS required.

- for Post-Doctorate: a letter of support from a professor of the department of interest is ALWAYS required and must be uploaded in the application. A Doctoral Degree is generally required. Experienced researchers who do not hold a Doctoral degree (3 years of proved experience in research, please see definition of Post-doc researcher) might be accepted case by case. In this case it must be specified in the support letter issued by the Department of interest.

A research work plan proposal is ALWAYS required.

- for Academic/Administrative Staff: proved experience in the Study Field you apply for. Letter of support from Host Institution (Faculty or Department) is ALWAYS required.

Language Requirements at the University of Bologna

Italian language is not a requirement and English language is generally accepted as work language at all level. In some case Italian language might be a requirement or an asset. For full details and specific requirements in terms of certificates and levels please refer to the information reported in the Academic Offer for each mobility position.

Remarks on the documents required for the application:

- the CV must be written in English or in Italian;

- the research/teaching/training proposal must be submitted and written in English or in Italian;

- we don't require legalized translation of diplomas or transcripts during the application and selection stage. The legalization of the documents will be only required for selected Full PhD.

Your ARTESS experience at the University of Bologna

A specific Erasmus Mundus Action 2 management unit (EMA2 Unit) at the International Relations Office has been created since 2009 dealing with all the aspects of Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project management and mobility organization and management.

Livia Mercatelli at the EMA2 Unit will your ARTESS contact person. You can contact her at Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spambots. Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla

The EMA2 Unit will take care of:

-       application process: academic/research offer information; application procedure information; general and specific requirements information; etc.

-       mobility organization before arrival: arrival instructions; VISA; travel booking; etc.

-       mobility management after arrival: allowance management; bank account; residence permit; accommodation; health system and other useful information about Bologna and the other campuses; etc.

and will be your general contact point.

Some information for selected grantees before and after arrival:

Invitation letter:

All beneficiaries will receive Arrival Instructions as soon the selection process is over. They will be informed about the details of their stay and the further procedures to be followed.

The Erasmus Mundus Action 2 Unit at the International Relations Office will issue an Invitation letter for the visa application, and contact the Italian embassies and consulates involved in case of need.

The following documents are generally required by the Italian Consulates:

-       original Invitation Letter

-      original accommodation statement

-      insurance

-      travel reservation

Other documents can be required.


The accommodation service of the University of Bologna will offer to the grantees a single room in a University residence for the first month of their stay. On the basis of the rooms availability grantees:

-       ONLY SHORT STAYS, from 1 to 10 months: might have the opportunity to stay at the university residence for the whole duration of their stay;

-       will have to find an accommodation through the Students Accommodation and Information Service

Costs of living in Bologna:

Rents in Bologna are rather high and are one of the main expenses students have to pay. Accommodation quality in the private sector is not always very good. Students generally share apartments. It is possible to find also studios.

Average rent costs for single rooms in the private market: from 310€ to 400€ per month + bills (e.g. heating, electricity, internet etc.).

Current cost for single room in the university residence: 396€ monthly rate; 37€ daily rate. Bills included.

  • Shopping at a supermarket for one week: around 80€
  • Meal in a pizzeria: around 20€
  • Breakfast in a bar (cappuccino and croissant): around 2€
  • Meal in a University canteen: from 4€ to 6,65€
  • Meal in a bar (drink and one roll): about 5€
  • Bus ticket (valid one hour): 1,20€
  • City-pass (10 trips): 11,00€
  • Student monthly ticket: 27€
  • Cinema: 7€



The first monthly allowance will be already available at the arrival at the University Bank. Grantees will also receive their Italian Tax Code (Codice fiscale) necessary to open a bank account or buy an Italian mobile number. Allowances will be transferred on a monthly basis directly on the Italian bank account and will be available in the grantee account the 1st day of each month of mobility. Staff beneficiaries will receive their monthly allowance in cash at the arrival. The grantee will receive full support during the opening procedure of her/his bank account. In Italy Erasmus Mundus scholarships for foreign students are exempt from taxation.

Residence permit:

The residence permit application will be processed for all the beneficiaries within 8 working days after their arrival in Italy. The grantee will receive full support when filling in and submitting their “application kit” and all the necessary documents correctly and on time. The EMA2 office will keep contacts with the Police station in charge in case of any problem.


Degree seeking PhD students will be regularly enrolled at the Doctorate School through a facilitated procedure dedicated to Erasmus Mundus students. In order to enrol the following documents are required:

-       “Dichiarazione di Valore”

-       Legalized translation of the Master degree and Transcript of records

-       Regular residence permit

The abovementioned documents ARE NOT required at the time of the application.

General services at the University of Bologna:

ARTESS grantees will have full access to the services offered by the University of Bologna:

-       Sports centres

-       Language centres

-       Psychological Support Service

-       Study rooms

-       Libraries and computer centres

-       Disabled and dyslexic students service

-       University canteen

Please see details at the following webpage:


NB: Some exceptions might exist according to the level of mobility or to the specific service.

Our History: http://www.eng.unibo.it/PortaleEn/University/Our+History/default.htm

Erasmus Mundus applicants and beneficiaries webpage

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