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Evaluation Procedure:

The evaluation process will start as soon as the Call for scholarships closes.


1. The Coordination will forward the list of candidates to both Host and Home (TG1) Universities concerned; they will be able to access the Applications Database, see the Application Form and download the applicant's documents.


2. Applications will be examined at the same time and separately by the Host and the Home (if applicable) University. All assessors involved in the assessment of applications will sign an absence of conflict of interest declaration.
3. The Home University (in case of TG1) will check the fulfilment of the administrative requirements of the candidate.
4. The Home (TG1) and Host Universities will rank the candidates according to the following grading system:

Doctoral and Postdoctoral applications:


Criteria Host Home
Academic Merit 0-5 (50%) 0-4 (40%)
Motivation & Research Proposal
0-3 (30%) 0-3 (30%)
Institutional Interest 0-2 (20%) 0-3 (30%)
Other comments comments

Academic and Administrative Staff applications:

Criteria Host Home
Academic/Professional Experience 0-4 (40%) 0-2 (20%)
Motivation & Work Proposal
0-3 (30%) 0-3 (30%)
Strategic importance 0-3 (30%) 0-5 (50%)
Other comments comments






For TG1 candidates, the balance among the Home and Host Institution grading will be the following: Home: 30%; Host: 70%.

Language knowledge will be a basic requirement only if so indicated by the Host University.

5. No candidate will be admitted without the acceptance of the Host University.



Selection Procedure:

The Selection Procedure will be carried out by the Selection Working Group, chaired by the Coordination (Università degli Studi di Padova) and Composed by 3 Partners from Argentina (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Universidad Nacional del Sur) and 3 from Europe (Aarhus Universitet, Université de Grenoble 2, Universidad de Salamanca) elected by consensus during the Kick-off Meeting of the ARTESS Project held in Padua on 5-6 September 2011.

The First Selection Working Group Meeting took place Buenos Aires, at the local base of Unviversidad Nacional del Nordeste, on 5-6 March 2012.

The second selection meeting will take place at distance.


1. On the basis of the rankings the Selection Working Group will establish the distribution of grants according to:


- ranking of Home and Host Universities;

- an equitable distribution among the partner Universities and Countries (both EU and ARG);

- promotion of equal opportunities, gender balance and social equity;

- a balance of the disciplines involved, on the basis of the priorities indicated by the Universities.

2. The Selection Working Group will forward the provisional list of pre-selected candidates and the reserve list to all Partners for their  approval
3. After the Partners’ approval of the provisional list each candidate will be contacted by email receiving the outcome of its application
4. Each candidate will have 10 days for appealing starting from the moment he has been informed of the provisional results of the selection
5. If necessary the provisional list will be changed according to the results of the re-evaluation; after the end of this process, the list of beneficiaries and the reserve list will be adopted by the Coordination and the Partners.No possibility for a second appeal is foreseen.
6. The applicants will be informed that the selection process is over.

Appeal Procedure:


An appeal procedure is foreseen.

1. The request must be sent to the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

2. ARTESS will ask the applicant to review the documentation submitted, to check the completeness and correctness of the documents and then to highlight in their CV their experience of the subjects directly related to their application. It won’t be in any case accepted the submission of any new document.

3. The application is then re-evaluated by the Selection Working Group. If the SWG considers that there are good reasons for appealing, it will appoint for each appellant an ARG and an EU University different from the Host and Home (if applicable) University of the applicant, so as to assure an unbiased re-examination of the documents submitted.

- End of the Second Call for Applications: 31st October 2012
- Evaluation process: November 2012 - February 2013
- Selection: March 2013
- Communication of provisional results to candidates: end of March 2013
- 10 days to appeal
- Communication of final results to candidates: mid/end April 2013
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