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IPS Lippmann Insurance

1) You don't need the original card or certificate in order to use it; you don't have to show it to anyone, that document is just a reminder for you on which you can find your insurance number and duration of the cover; so if for any reason you didn't receive the original certificate till now, don't worry:

2) The IPS Insurance should be used only to get reimbursement of your expenses: you have to pay in advance for any medical service and then send the ORIGINAL INVOICES to Lippmann.

Please, keep copies of all the original documents befor sending them by post.

The Claim Form can be found here.

3) You can ask for reimbursement of almost any medical (or robbery, or travel) accident or expense: this means you can go to any doctor or hospital recognized by the National Security, there is no list of doctors. If you need a suggestion on a good doctor you should ask your supervisor or the International relations officer or the people you know in the Hosting Country.

4) In the information sheet you will find instruction on how to proceed. Remember that :

"in the event of admission to hospital, SOS International must be contacted in advance or if this is impossible, within one week after admission, by telephone, so that, in consultation with the insured or his/her representative, the treating physician and possibly the general physician as well, it can take the measures which will best serve the interests of the insured in question".

SOS International is an assistance company from the Netherlands, you will have to contact them not only for medical emergencies but also in other cases of emergencies (robbery, loss of documents, etc). Please find here:
- the SOS telephone number for EMERGENCIES: +31 20 651 51 51
- the SOS telephone number for INFORMATION: +31 20 651 56 00
- the SOS web site: http://sosinternational.nl/sosinternational/languages/en/pages/hulpver.jsp?4.1

5) If you have any doubt on the use of the insurance or questions on claim procedure please refer directly to the insurance company Lippmann:

 Claim handler: Carmelita Kromowirjo

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Claim Form

IPS Info Sheet

IPS Policyrider Erasmus Mundus

IPS Cover

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