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Instructions for the online application form

1. In order to complete your application correctly, please read these instructions carefully. A form not duly filled in might invalidate the application.

2. Please, remember to fill in the online form in English language. You should also translate into english the Required Documents (unless differently stated by the Hosting University in this page)

Target Groups and study levels you can apply for
First, you will have to identify the Target Group you belong to, TG1 or TG2. Please find here the full explanation and the mobility levels you can apply for depending on the Target Group.


Nationals of Argentina who are registered/working/associated in one of the Argentinean Universities Partners of the ARTESS Project.
Mobility levels available: Doctorate Sandwich, Post-doctorate, Academic & Administrative Staff

Nationals of Argentina who are registered/working/associated in an Argentinean University that is not Partner of ARTESS, or who have obtained a university degree or equivalent by any Argentinean University. This includes the possibility of providing mobility opportunities to Argentinean nationals working in public administration, public and private enterprises.
Mobility levels available: Full Doctorate, Doctorate Sandwich, Post-doctorate

Eligibility Requirements:

Citizenship: all the applicants must be Argentinian citizens.

“12 months rule”: applicants must have not resided nor have carried out their main activity (studies, work, etc) for more than a total of 12 months over the last 5 years in one of the European countries at the time of submitting their application

Proof of enrolment: applicants must submit the proof of enrolment in a Doctoral School of an Argentinean University (Partner of the ARTESS Project or not, depending on the Target Group).

Teaching/research/training plan: the home and host universities and the individual staff must agree on the programme of lectures to be delivered by the visiting staff, on the research activities or on the type of training to be followed.

Other requirements:
Language: if required by the Host University (see here) or stated in the Academic Offer, applicants must have sufficient knowledge of the language of the mobility programme.

Academic requirements, diplomas: Hosting University will state in the Academic Offer or in the page of their Institution the academic requirements for each mobility level or position offered.

Required documents
Please see here the detailed list.


All Personal Data fields are obligatory. If you do not have passport please enter your national identification number in the "International Passport Number" field (in this case also enter a "Passport Expiry Date", since all fields have to be completed). You should provide us with a valid e-mail address (just one), becasue all the communication between you and us will be realised via e-mail.

All data concerning the level of education (and diploma) required for your type of mobility are obligatory.
You should remember to put, concerning each level required for the type of mobility you selected, the following data: Institution Name, Location, Start Date, End Date, Name of Programme/Degree and Average mark. You will have to submit a copy of the diplomas and/or the relevant Transcripts of records.

HOST INSTITUTION and Programme that you wish to apply for
Before filling in your preferences regarding your host university and programme, please be aware to carefully read the information availabkle here. You will find the available study/research possibilities at each Host university and, most importantly, the language in which the activity is held. In some cases you can find the specific website addresses to get more detailed information about the programs. Please be aware that you should only apply for a study field of which you master the language sufficiently. And of course the study field should also be equivalent to your current or previous studies/activity.

You will have to state here your language competes, indicating for each language the level (basic, good, excellent) in Read, Write and Oral. If required by the Host University it is compulsory to attach the corresponding certificate.

We might consult the reference you specify in your application during the evaluation stage. It is therefore important to give the correct and total contact data of your reference. Required fields are: name, institution, email, address, and phone number. Please remember that this field is mandatory.

Please indicate what are your particular skills and abilities that make you an excellent candidate, why are you applying for this EMECW Programme, explain your academic interests and your work experience (if relevant). In this statement you could answer the following question: “In what way will participation in this mobility benefit you and your country?” (MAXIMUM 2000 characters)

Please, indicate any physical or learning disabilities that you may suffer from. Do you foresee any personal problems (family/financial/cultural)? All the information will be treated confidentially. (MAXIMUM 2000 characters)

Please, answer the following question: How did you come to know about the EM ECW program?


Your application form will only be considerated for selection process if having all the compulsory documents attached for the corresponding mobility level, Target Group and Host University. Please carefully read the Required documents section before submitting the application and provide them translated in English language, if not differenlty stated by the Hosting University here.

- The only allowed format of the scanned documents is PDF, JPG or DOC.
- The maximum size of the files is 1MB = 1012 KB (you can reduce the size by reducing the quality of the file).
- The documents of the same category should be scanned in only ONE file, for example: all the language certificates should be merged into ONE file.
SUBMISSION of the online registration form
Before submit your form online, please check if all the compulsory fields are completed and required documents have been attached. The upload of the form might be delayed depending on  how many documents you are submitting, on the size of the files and on the interenet connection used. After you submitted your online registration form you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and you can print it.

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